Powder Coating Sustainability

ATL Coaters recommends powder coating for your next painting project because compared to traditional wet paint, powder coating is durable, high-quality, and a more sustainable option. The smart technology behind powder coating is at the forefront of alternative products to help save our environment. As an innovative, professional company, ATL Coaters keeps up with the newest and safest sustainable trends to protect our customers and our environment.

Powder Coating Sustainable Option

Powder coating is a sustainable building material option based on the product ingredients and the application process. Traditional liquid paints are solvent-based and contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic substances. These dangerous components can cause minor to severe health issues for customers, including headaches, dizziness, central nervous system damage, and cancer risks. For the environment, the VOCs act as a greenhouse gas, a leading cause of climate change and global warming. Products and processes containing VOCs and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), including traditional wet paint, emit these toxic fumes and harm our environment.

As an alternative, sustainable option, powder coating contains zero VOCs and HAPs that can harm customers, workers, or the environment. Powder coating is a smarter method because the powder-based substance does not emit toxic gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, our Powder Coating Specialists, product users, and the environment remain protected.

The electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) standard process applies the powder coating with a spray gun to any metal surface. With a single coat and dry finish, powder coating is a sustainable option because ATL Coaters uses less product for a higher quality painting method. Powder coating products are highly durable and resistant to impact factors, including moisture, temperature fluctuations, weather conditions, chemicals, UV exposure, and other elements. Therefore, over time products will maintain their condition and not require as many recoats.

ATL Coaters prioritizes sustainability in the services we offer. Overall, powder coating is the more sustainable and safer option for you, your products, our environment, and our experts. We recommend the environmentally friendly and non-toxic painting method to ensure your products meet your high-quality, durability, and functionality standards.

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