Frequently Asked Questions

Take some time to read through out most frequently asked questions and answers to learn more about powder coating and why it is ideal for your project.

Why powder coat instead of wet paint?
Powder coating is a more sustainable, durable, high-quality, flexible, convenient, safer, and affordable choice than traditional wet paint. Powder-coated products are more resistant to chips, scratches, weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, moisture, chemicals, UV exposure, and other impacts. On metal products, we recommend choosing powder coating than traditional wet paint.
Is powder coating better than paint?
For metal products, powder coating is more efficient, effective, and sustainable than wet paint. Generally, powder coating is more durable and of higher quality than liquid paint. We recommend powder coating over paint for our customers to ensure their products stay in proper condition and do not cause harm the environment.
What is the powder coating process?
The powder coating process is an electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), which is a standard method. Our Powder Coating Specialists at ATL Coaters use a spray gun to evenly and effectively apply the powder-based substance to the metal objects.
Is powder coating dangerous?
No! Powder coating is not dangerous. The powder-based substance contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other hazardous elements. Therefore, powder coating does not emit toxic gases during the application process. This painting method is safe for products, humans, and the environment. Powder coating is a more sustainable, safer option compared to traditional wet paint.
How long does powder coat last?
At ATL Coaters, our powder coating experts have high-quality equipment and specialized training; therefore, our powder coated products last up to 20 years. Powder coating is a more durable method and resistant to weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, chemicals, and other affecting factors. Powder coating will protect your products for many years.
How does powder coating work?
Powder coating is a durable painting method for metal products because the dry powder-based substance is applied before ‘baking’ the color onto the surface with heat. The electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), a common process, uses a spray gun to apply the colored powder to the objects. The powder is positively charged and attracted to the metal object substrates; therefore, powder coating is durable and maintains high-quality condition.
Can powder coat prevent rust?
Yes! At ATL Coaters, we apply powder coating to effectively cut off the oxygen supply to the objects and prevent rust. Powder coating is a durable painting method and protects metal products from weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, UV exposure, chemicals, and other impacting factors.

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