Powder Coating

At ATL Coaters, we offer powder coating full-services for Atlanta residents and company project needs. From household items to heavy machinery, powder coating is an affordable and durable method for your painting demands. We use electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), a standard process, to apply the powder-based substance with a spray gun to any metal surface. The powder particles adhere to the metal substrate and leave a dry finish. ATL Coaters has the professional equipment, training, and expertise for powder coating full-services. Paint smarter, stronger, and more with powder coating.

Powder Coating Benefits

Powder Coating Benefits


Powder coating is a high-quality method that leaves a protective layer on everyday products and surfaces. Compared to traditional wet paint, powder coating prevents easy chips and scratches on items. Additionally, powder coat products are more resistant to damaging factors, including moisture, weather, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other impacts. The powder coating technique protects metal products with one single coat, demonstrating the high-quality method. Powder coating lasts longer and covers your metal items for an affordable price, so contact ATL Coaters to start your next project today.


As a high-quality painting method, powder coating performs better compared to traditional techniques. As a protective layer for products, the powder particles bond to the metal substrate and leaves an appealing, dry finish. Over time, powder coated products do not damage as easily from impact, moisture, weather, or other diminishing factors. We recommend powder coating for our customers because the spray gun application is smooth, high-quality, and performs better on their items for longer.


ATL Coaters promotes powder coating services for its durable and flexible qualities. The powder-based formula works best for metal items and surfaces, but these products can range from everyday household items to heavy equipment. The spray gun application and dry-finish method allow our Powder Coating Specialists to complete projects of any size more quickly and effortlessly. We recommend powder coating for your next project because it is high-coverage, durable, and flexible for whatever painting needs.


As a high quality, performing, and flexible painting method, powder coating is the more convenient and durable choice for metal painting projects. Overall, powder coating benefits surpass traditional wet paint since it is a dry-finish, durable method that protects your products for longer. For your convenience, ATL Coaters can complete projects for you faster and of higher quality with powder coating. Contact us today to get started.

Powder Coating Services

Our company offers full-service powder coating to assist Atlanta residents and businesses in protecting their metal surfaces and products. Along with powder coating, ATL Coaters provides customers with additional services to ensure their powder coating experience is top-notch.

Additional Services

  • Custom Color Matching

    Powder coating is available in a wide range of colors and textures to match your products. Our Powder Coating Specialists offer custom color matches to ensure our work matches previous projects.

  • Masking

    We mask and plug your painting projects to protect machined surfaces, bolt threads, and threaded holes from the powder-based substance. At ATL Coaters, we take extra precautions during powder coating to ensure our application process is accurate and products maintain their functions.

  • Custom Packaging

    Throughout the powder coating process, we use custom packaging to protect your products from dust, moisture, scratches, chips, and other shipping and handling hazards. ATL Coaters practices custom packaging to return your products at a higher-quality after powder coating.

  • Light Assembly

    For additional service, ATL Coaters offers customers light assembly of parts sent straight to the end-user after our powder coating services.

  • Trucking

    Most powder coating companies require that you take the product to them. ATL Coaters has trucks available to pick up your parts before powder coating and then deliver them back to your location once they are completed.

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